Local PLN transfers supported by ZEN


What local transfers for PLN does ZEN support? What is ELIXIR transfer?


ZEN supports local PLN transfers via the ELIXIR system. Express ELIXIR transfers are not supported yet and are settled simultaneously, as standard ELIXIR transfers.

ELIXIR transfers are only available to ZEN clients verified with a Polish ID card or passport. If your account has been verified with a Polish driver's license or residence card, the Polish account number will not be available. If you have a Polish ID card or passport, you can update the document on your account.

ELIXIR is a widely used electronic funds transfer system in Poland. It allows for secure and efficient money transfers between different banks and financial institutions within the country. ELIXIR transfers are typically used for local payments and transactions, and they are commonly employed for various purposes, such as salary transfers, bill payments, and other financial transactions.
Elixir transfers typically take one business day for the funds to be credited to the recipient's account.

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