My identity verification when logging in to my active ZEN account failed


What to do if my identity verification during logging into the ZEN account fails?



This article covers problems related to identity verification on already active ZEN account. If you're having trouble verifying your identity for the first time during account registration process, please see: Problems with registration

Additional customer verification is sometimes necessary due to security reasons for customers who already have ZEN accounts. If for some reason verification fails, don't worry - we are here to help. 

  1. If you see the message "Identity verification failed. Make sure your surroundings are bright enough. Show your face clearly, without a hat, a mask, or sunglasses", you still have a few more attempts to try. Be aware that light should be in front of you (not behind) so that the face is visible, keep your face in the white frame, and follow other recommendations described here: Additional account verification.

  2. If multiple attempts fail for various reasons, you will see the message "Identity verification failed. For security reasons, access to your account has been blocked". We'll do our best to help you and you will receive instructions to your e-mail address on how to verify in another way. This email will contain a link to a form where you can report a problem. It usually takes a few days to process your ticket, no additional action is required on your part. If we need more information, we will contact you via e-mail.

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