What happens if my balance is negative?


What happens if my account balance is negative? Can I have debt in my ZEN account? How can my account balance become negative?


In ZEN, you can make transactions up to your balance. On rare occasions, the account balance may become negative. In that case, the difference will be covered by your next deposit. Your ZEN account may be temporarily blocked until the negative balance is covered by your next top-up.

How can a negative balance appear:

  • Sometimes it happens that card transactions are settled by merchants after the blockade has already been released. It means that the merchant sent us the settlement order too late. If in the meantime you make any other transaction, it may leave your balance too small to cover the card transaction in question.
  • Merchants may charge higher amounts than previously authorized in some cases. It often happens in public transportation, ride-sharing apps, hotels, or car rentals due to possible damage deposits.
  • ZEN may also reverse the funds added to your account due to an error, according to our Terms of Service (Point 10).

In such cases, there may be a negative balance which must be covered as soon as possible by topping up your account.

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