Top-up your ZEN account


How can I top up my ZEN account? Which payment methods may I use to top-up ZEN account? Can I use another person's card or payment method to top up my ZEN account?



Remember that according to ZEN Terms for Individual and Business Users, you can top-up your account only with a payment instrument (for example, a card) issued in your name and surname. Topping up your ZEN account using other people's methods, like another person's card, BLIK code, or others, may result in account blocking. If you need to receive funds to ZEN from other persons, please use ZEN Buddies, Bank Transfers, or Card Transfers available in the app.

You can add money to your ZEN account instantly, safely, and the way you like. You can use global and local methods, including Mastercard® and VISA cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and bank transfers. In Poland, you can also add money using BLIK (see: Top up your ZEN account with BLIK). 

To top up your account:

  1. Open the ZEN app and go to the Home page (leftmost screen).

  2. Tap the account to which you would like to add money, and then select the "Top up" option.

  3. Enter the amount that you want to top up your account with and choose the preferred payment method at the bottom of the screen:

  4. Complete the transaction. You will get a notification from the ZEN app once your top-up is settled.

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