Transfer funds from your ZEN account


How can I transfer money from my ZEN account to another bank or account?


You can transfer money the way you want, using one of the popular methods in one place with the lowest fees on the market. You can choose transfers by account number (local, SEPA, or SWIFT transfers), transfers to other ZEN users (ZEN Buddies), transfers by card number, and digital currency transfers.

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To transfer funds in the ZEN app:

  1. Open the ZEN.COM app on your device.
  2. On the main screen tap the ZEN mascot, and choose "Transfer":

  3. Choose the currency you want to transfer.
  4. Choose the transfer you want to make. If it's your first transfer to this recipient, you will need to add their information beforehand.

  5. In the last screen insert the amount and title of the transaction. You will be also informed about any fees or the processing type depending on the type you choose. Read everything carefully to avoid mistakes, and confirm the transfer.

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