Using ZEN promo codes


How do I activate a ZEN promo code for new clients? May I activate the code after the account has already been opened? Can the ZEN Support Team provide the list of active codes for me?


If you've received a valid ZEN Promotional Code from a ZEN Partner, you may activate it during the account registration process. To activate your ZEN Promo code, follow this tutorial:

  1. Download the ZEN app, open it, and choose the "ZEN Personal" button.
  2. Start the account registration process by setting the phone number, and passcode, verifying your identity, and selecting the reason for account opening.
  3. On a screen showing our Zenefits, choose the button "Use promo code":

If the code you provided is valid and active, the free trial period on your new ZEN account will be automatically extended.


The promo code may only be applied during account registration. It cannot be entered later in the ZEN app after an account is created.

ZEN Support Team cannot provide a list of currently active promo codes. You may find ZEN promo codes online on websites that partner with ZEN.COM.

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