ZEN card is stuck in the ATM machine


What should I do if an ATM did not give me my card back?


ATM may detain your card if:

  • You enter the wrong PIN several times,
  • Card is restricted,
  • Card has expired,
  • Card is physically damaged,
  • Card was not taken back from the reader for too long,
  • There was either a reader or machine failure.

If the ATM froze, turned off during a transaction, or the reader stopped working, please wait for a while (about 5 minutes) because the machine may restart. If that happens, the ATM will eject your card, and if you leave the ATM too early, the card may be taken over by a third party.

In case the card is stuck inside and there's nothing else to be done, notify the ATM operator about the card retention/machine failure. Each ATM has a sticker on with an emergency number to call.

Then let us know immediately. For security of your funds, the card should be blocked.

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