Possible transaction limits when using ZEN


What are all kinds of limits possible when I use ZEN?


General limits

Additional limits for customers who have signed up for ZEN with a Ukrainian ID

Transaction type Maximum limits (can not be changed)
Top-ups, transfers (incoming and outgoing), purchases and ATM withdrawals €2000 per day, €5000 per week
This type of limit resets 24 hours, and 7 days after a transaction takes place. A 2000 EUR transaction that was made on Tuesday, 2:30 PM will stop counting towards the daily limit on Wednesday, 2:30 PM, and towards the weekly limit next week on Tuesday, 2:30 PM. After ordering such a transaction, more payments will not be possible for the next 24 hours, because the daily limit will be used up.


Please keep in mind that rejected transactions that were first approved in our system (for example card payments rejected by the merchants after some time) also count towards this limit.

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